Artist Robert Indiana created two series of symbolic self-portraits that he calls Autoportraits. Each image is composed of numbers, words, and colors that represent a year in his life during the 1960s and 1970s.

Inspired by Indiana’s Autoportrait series, design your own using numbers, words, and colors that are significant to you. Then share your Autoportrait by emailing it to yourself or a friend.

All of Robert Indiana’s Autoportraits include three standard elements. The composition begins with a circle that symbolizes the continuity of life.

The decagon is a geometric ten-sided form,
which represents ten years in each series of Autoportraits.

The five-pointed star is a familiar symbol of America.
Indiana also uses it as a personal emblem.

For Indiana, the number 1 signifies “self”. Superimposed on the circle, it indicates that these compositions are self-portraits.